Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques and discover "one of the most successful methods for stress reduction"!  

Clinical EFT



This 4-day Professional Workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the necessary skills to effectively integrate EFT* in their professional practice, to use it for themselves or feel called to help others.

Learn how you can process emotional experiences faster and easier and train systematically how Clinical EFT, the evidence-based version of the tapping techniques, is used.

EFT is a practical, quickly-learned, hands-on technique for dealing with emotional distress at the deepest level. A news story in Examiner.com called it, "one of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed." Clinical EFT is the evidence-based form of EFT, validated in dozens of studies, and includes 48 distinct techniques. 

The popularity of EFT, often referred to as "tapping," has grown rapidly in the last decade. Over 5 million people a month search online for "EFT tapping" and related terms, while the 5 highest-traffic EFT web sites have over 2 million page views a month. EFT is so effective that it has spread through word of mouth.

Clinical EFT - validated in dozens of studies quickly and effectively leads to greater well-being

12 hours practice-oriented exercises with professional guidance

Your boost: 48 different techniques

16 modules in just 4 days

Consistently Produce Great Results for Your Clients

Research shows that treatment with Clinical EFT by a trained professional can produce the following results:

  • Reduction of anxiety of more than 40% - sometimes in a single session (Clond, 2015)
  • PTSD is remediated in 84% of veterans in 6 sessions (Sebastian & Nelms, 2016)
  • Overweight clients don't just lose weight - they keep weight off long-term (Stapleton et al., 2014).
  • Reductions in depression symptoms of 41% (Nelms & Castel, 2016)
  • The elimination or reduction of stress-related conditions (Church, 2013a)
  • Follow-up studies show that for most clients, the results last over time (Church, 2013a)
  • Pain levels drop by an average of two-thirds in a 30 minute treatment (Church & Brooks, 2011)
  • The symptoms of autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and fibromyalgia are reduced (Brattberg, 2011; Hodge & Jurgens, 2014).
  • Effects are similar in many different populations, from stressed workers to students to refugees (Boath et al., 2014; Church 2013a).
  • The neutralization of traumatic memories, using memory reconsolidation (Church, 2013b)
  • Reduction in stress hormones like cortisol (Groesbeck et al, 2017)
  • The regulation of inflammation and immunity genes (Maharaj, 2016)

Professional Skills Training in Clinical EFT*

(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

This 4-day workshop is a professional training in the application of Clinical EFT and teaches the full range of methods described in the "EFT Manual", the primary source for research and training.

Learn about the psychological and physiological background as well as findings from medical studies and practice using EFT for different challenges.

The training is intensely practical, with more than 12 hours of supervised practice, expert demonstration and feedback. The workshop has 16 modules, with each module systematically building on the ones before.

The course begins with a detailed survey of the genetics and physiology of stress, and how EFTs foundational “movie technique” systematically reduces the emotional pain associated with traumatic memories. You also learn how to use EFT for common problems like addictive cravings, dissociation, phobias, pain, depression and anxiety, as well as 3 distinct methods for testing the effectiveness of your work. 

You go on to learn EFTs 3 "Gentle Techniques" designed for use in trauma and emotional flooding. You discover strategies for dealing even with issues where previous therapy has failed, problems that clients believe are impossible to solve, and how to gracefully conclude a session when emotional work remains unfinished. Discover how core beliefs are formed by early childhood experiences and how to systematically shift them with EFT.

Participation in the workshop is fully recognized by EFT Universe as part of the EFT Practitioner training.

Rebekka Zafarbakhshian

Your Trainer

Rebekka Zafarbakhshian is a certified EFT Practitioner, trainer and coach with a great passion to pass on EFT as an empowering self-help tool. She was trained by Dawson Church and is currently the only trainer in German-speaking countries who gives courses as part of the certification by EFT Universe.

Dawson Church

Dawson Church says

”I have been inspired by Rebekka's passion for sharing advanced energy healing methods with others, as well as the precision of her delivery of these methods. Her personal energy reflects the teaching, as she lights up the room with her joyful exuberance. For a thorough training in the science-based tools of energy psychology, you will find her classes to meet the highest standards of excellence, as well as an example of living from the heart.”  

Professional Skills Training in Clinical EFT*


This workshop will be presented live online only


07.-10. November 2020

This course will be in English

without translation

Friday: 7pm – 8pm CET

(Technical & Organizational Intro)

Saturday: 10am – 6pm CET


9am – 5pm CET

Check your timezone at


  • The workshop fee only include participation in the course. It does not include any additional costs, such as travel, accommodation, meals or other additional costs.
  • Registration ends when the maximum number of participants has been reached.
  • This workshop is a learning experience. Those who want a personal session should make an appointment with an EFT practitioner of their choice.
  • A professional workshop framework is maintained at all times to create a safe and pleasant environment. The course does not allow pets (except for people with disabilities) and no children under 18 years of age.

* The method used here was learned from Dawson Church, PhD, whose teaching is based on Clinical EFT, which has been validated in dozens of scientific studies.

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